What To Buy In Portugal

Visit to Portugal will leave you wanting more. One cannot get enough of this romantic and rustic country. Shopping for souvenirs is pleasurable and convenient and you will find a lot of shops and stores along the wayside offering you a variety of treasures and trinkets. Jewelry is famous in Portugal and one will find a wide variety of delicate and antique looking jewelry such as rings, bracelets, bangles and chains artistically displayed in flea markets or street markets for the benefit of tourists.

There is plenty to see and buy in Portugal and one of the main items is olives and olive oil. The country accounts for 93% of the world's total production. Olive trees abound all over Portugal and these trees can live upto thousands of years. It is a well know fact that there exists a tree in Algarve which is said to be over 2000 years old. Olive oil was referred to as 'Liquid Gold' by Homer and has been used through the ages for its medicinal and curative properties. Today olive oil is treasured for its culinary qualities. Rich in vitamins and minerals it is well known to slow down aging, besides being good for heart ailments and diabetes.

Most tourists would like to visit the olive oil factories to see the whole process, right from the initial plucking stage to the final crushing of oil and bottling. Hand crafted tiles are another favorite of tourists. The local shops and road side stalls display a wide variety of hand crafted and hand baked tiles in vibrant colors and attractive designs. Pottery is another favorite. Handmade pottery and copper ware are displayed at shops to attract the traveler. Delicate linen and exquisite embroidery are hot items on display and many local housewives spend many hours working over these designs and pieces of embroidery and like to display their wares in the local shops for sale. Hand embroidered table cloths from Portugal are much in demand due to their excellent workmanship and cleaver designs.

Lisbon is also famous for its leather goods. Jackets, shoes, boots, hand bags and purses are some of the many leather articles offered on sale. Portugal is well known for the good quality leather available there and hence leather products are aplenty. Ne should select the economy zones while out shopping for souvenirs. The areas are clearly demarcated and one can easily make out the high fashion areas from the budget shopping places where you can pick up equally good but reasonable articles to take home with you to remind you of your trip to Portugal.

Quality wines, aged cheeses, good quality leather shoes, handmade and hand crafted tiles and pottery, jewelry and trinkets, are some of the local stuff that tourists would be attracted to. Of course Portugal does have its share of designer labels to choose from. If you are on the lookout for some designer dresses and high fashion garments you will not find any dearth of such stuff in the various boutiques around the city. But it is better to ask the locals about some advice on buying and their recommendations. It is wise to bargain at the local roadside kiosks, and flea markets. Traders are known to raise prices and over charge visitors and there is no harm in trying your luck in bringing prices down a peg or two.